12/15/2012 Becker, County MN bad winter driving conditions

With warmer temperatures above freezing and rain falling for most of the day today, only a slight drop in the temps caused the roads to become very slick in northern Minnesota.

In this video by Eric Whitehill, it shows the hazardous winter driving conditions in Becker County near Detroit Lakes and the aftermath of a snow plow that struck a street light and knocked it down across Highway 10.  

Shot 1: Power Line and Light pole down on Highway 10 in MN (Near Audubon, MN)
Shot 2: Shot of Highway 10 down to 1 lane with people driving around light with EMS in background
Shot 3: Workers moving power line off road
Shot 4: Slow moving traffic on Highway 10 with EMS in background
Shot 5: Interview with Sgt Tim Clements of MN State Patrol regarding accident.
Shot 6: Shot of MN State Patrol car with snow falling
Shot 7: Shot of Snowplow going around a corner
Shot 8: Shot of Vehicle buried in the ditch with people around
Shot 9: Vehicle getting pulled out of ditch
Shot 10: Shot with State Patrol car pulled over with cars driving by in heavy falling snow