Powerful Winter Storm hit’s the Twin Cities metro area.

A powerful winter storm hit central Minnesota on Sunday causing the roads to become extremely dangerous from the icy condition. Snow total's were from an average of eight inches around the metro to over twelve inches in the Saint Cloud, MN area.

The video highlights the travel hazards on Sunday in the air and on the ground. The footage was shot around the south side of the metro area from around the Minneapolis International Airport to the Burnsville and Eagan, MN area.

Clip 1 Heavy snow obscures the control tower at the Minneapolis / Saint Paul International Airport.

Clip 2 Heavy snow and the airport radar.

Clip 3 A Delta Airbus landing in the heavy snow on runway 12R

Clip 4 Wide shot of a plane flying over head and the shot pans down to the ILS lights on Runway 12L as the plane fades away into the heavy snow.

Clip 5 Delta plane taxi's on to the active runway for take off

Clip 6 & 7 Another shot of the lights on the end of the runway 12L with a plane barely visible as it is landing.

Clip 8 Shot of a car stuck in the ditch from the dash camera

Clip 9 A jeep slid off the road as was stuck at the bottom of a deep ditch on Highway 13 and the driver barely was able to climb up the steep hill to make it back onto the roadway.

Clip 10 POV drive by shot of a car in the center ditch with MN State Patrol on scene.

Clip 11 POV drive by of another car in the ditch and the police on the scene.

Clip 12 A car backwards on the side of the road covered in snow and the front end is smashed up.

Clip 13 POV drive by show of a tow truck pulling out a mini van

Clip 14 Overhead shot of traffic in Interstate 35w in Minneapolis, MN at 50th street.

Clip 15 Car spinning its wheels in Burnsville, MN on Nicollet Avenue

Clip 16 Car trying to make its way up the hill on Nicollet Avenue and slipping

Clip 17 Mini Van sliding all over the roadway trying to make it up the hill

Clip 18 Tight shot of the wheels of the Mini Van spinning

Clip 19 Burnsville Police squad car spinning its wheels

Clip 20 Snow Plow trying to clean up Nicollet Avenue so traffic can get through the area.

Clip 21 and 23 POV shot following snow plows

Clip 24 POV driving over Minnesota River Bridge in the heavy wet snow.

Clip 25 Car stuck in the ditch

Clip 26 Traffic slows down in this POV shot as a SUV spins out and gets back on the roadway.