Bloomington, MN car crash and snow B-Roll

The evening rush hour became the slush hour as lite snow fell across the Twin Cities metro area of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, MN.

This video was mainly shot in the city of Bloomington, MN about a mile away from the Mall of America on Old Shakopee Road as drivers found that the slushy wet snow that was falling had turned the road into a slick mess of ice that made driving on it very dangerous.

Total Run Time: 3:15

Clip 1 A white SUV wagon tries to take the corner but ends up hitting the curb on the other side of the road.

Clip 2 A driver loses control after and slides across the road as another car is driving towards him. The first car tries to speed up and you can hear the engine rev up but all he ends up doing is smashing into a telephone / street light post. The second car he was trying to avoid ends up hitting the first car.  Funny note, the guy that hit the pole, lights up a smoke right after the car crash.  All parties were ok but declined to talk to the camera.

Clip 3 Traffic with snow on slick roads

Clip 4 Police arrive at the crash scene.

Clip 5 Shot of the traffic in the heavy snow coming towards the camera

Clip 6 White SUV almost spins out of control while trying to turn left onto Old Shakopee Road.

Clip 7 Cars trying to make a turn but slide a little before being able to turn.

Clip 8 Mini Van tries to make the turn but starts to slide towards the camera before making the decision to not hit the cameraman or any other cars.

Clip 9 Another Mini Van slides to a stop before hitting the cameraman or other cars and was able to make the right turn.

Clip 10 Point of View tight shot of traffic on the interstate that was backed up.

Clip 11 – 13 Snow plows on the interstate