9/11/2012 Sarasota, FL Flooding and hit and run crash in the flood

Just in, HD video of traffic stalling in a flooded road on Siesta Key in Sarasota FL, after a slow moving thunderstorm caused flash flooding. Includes an insane hit-and-run when a desperate driver tries to pass stalled traffic in flooded road at time 1:17.  Total run-time is 4min, 03sec.

Shot list:
1) BMW plowing water right before it stalls out.
2) Stalled BMW.
3) Tight shot of BMW wheel half deep in water.
4) Mercedes in flood water.
5) Tight shot of front end of Mercedes in flood water.
6) Guy sticking his head out sun roof of stalled car in flood waters to talk to people.
7) Pickup drives on wrong side of road and median to pass stalled cars.
8) INSANE driver tries to pass stalled cars at high speed swiping one, hitting a tree, and then quickly leaves scene.
9) Wide shot of multiple stalled cars in flood water.
10) Rude drivers driving fast send wake crashing into the rear of stalled BMW.
11) Guy in stranded car with door open.
12) Wide shot of police car blocking flooded road.
13) Another rude driver sends wake into stalled BWM (passenger is still inside.)
14) Wide shot of police officer walking into flooded road with car behind blocking road.
15) Another idiot driver barrels past stalled cars in flood water and gets reprimanded by police officer.
16) Water over the raised median and stalled car.
17) Wide shot of flooded road.
18) Police office next to stalled BMW.
19) Stop sign in flood water.