6/24/2012 Tropical Storm Debby hitting Sarasota Florida hard

Brand new video of Tropical Storm Debby impacting the Sarasota, FL coast on Sunday afternoon. 

Tropical storm Debby is a strong tropical storm with sustained winds of 60 mph but it is frustrating forecasters and residents along the United States gulf coast because its forecast track is uncertain.  

As of the 1:00 AM Advisory from the National Hurricane Center, Tropical Storm Debby was nearly stationary over the Northeast Gulf of Mexico. 

What this means is that the west coast of Florida is going to see some pretty bad sea’s along with high winds for the next few days. 

Our Weather Paparazzi Brian D. was on the scene in Sarasota on Sunday afternoon and this amazing video of the outer bands of Tropical Storm Debby hitting the area.

In the first three minutes and ten seconds of the video it shows a couple of boats breaking their moorings and running aground in Sarasota Bay.  The video also includes shots of new Sea Turtle nest’s that were just created in late May and are now being destroyed on Lido Beach the tropical storm. 

Then the footage shows crews trying to move a Siesta Beach lifeguard shacks inland to save them from being destroyed by waves using a tractor and the tractor can’t move the shack because the storm surge has already caused the structure to sink into the sand.
In the next seventy second of video it shows the impacts of Tropical Storm Debby on Bayfront Park downtown Sarasota FL as more boats were breaking their moorings and drifting across the bay and running aground. The footage also shows a lot of debris in water since this area has not been hit with a powerful system in several years.
The next sixty eight seconds of the Tropical Storm Debby footage shows the impacts on Lido Key Beach Sarasota FL.  Very gusty winds in heavy rain squalls and inundated life guard shack with no swimming flags blowing in the wind along with blowing sand and sea spray. 
The last eighty two seconds of the Tropical Storm Debby video documents the impacts on Sunset Point area of Siesta Key in Sarasota FL.  Video of a Tethered Boogie board spins in wind, road closed due to surge, surge running up into people’s driveways, people walking road along crashing waves get startled, and traffic in the flooded road.