1/2/2012 Holland to Kalamazoo, MI Lake Effect Snow Storm

A powerful winter storm system is crossing over Lake Michigan and bringing with it Gale Force Winds and winter storm warnings for the east coast of lower Michigan.

The footage starts out west of Kalamazoo near Holland, MI with video of freezing spray covering the coast line.

Further inland from the coast to Kalamazoo the heavy wet snow covered the area causing numerous accidents.

Shot 1 shows a wide shot of the shores of Lake Michigan being pounded by waves and freezing spray.

Shot 2 shows a tight shot on significant icing that has taken place, with the crashing seas still seen behind it.

Shot 3 is another angle, and a wider shot of significant icing.

Shot 4 shows a snow removal machine hard at work moving snow, as snow continues to fall rapidly.

Shot 5 shows a man filling up his gas tanks while intense snow rates and strong winds batter him.

Shot 6 shows a Michigan State Police vehicle on scene at an accident involving a semi. A tow truck is on scene.

Shot 7 shows a snow plow who has wrecked off the main highway and gotten stuck in the snow.

Shot 8 shows the snow plow driver attempting to dig himself out of the snow.

Shot 9 shows a wide view of a bigger plow truck preparing to help.

Shot 10 shows the truck being pulled out of the snow bank.

Shot 11 shows an SUV sliding around the corner in town.

Shot 12 shows a man scraping off his windshield.

Shot 13 shows a first tight shot, with zoom out, of large amounts of snow covering cars in a parking lot.

Shot 14 shows the man at a different angle working on the end of his car.

Shot 15 is a wide shot from the mall, showing a man working on his car, with heavy snow still falling.