12/1/2011 Denver, CO Snow and Cold weather footage.

November ended with sunny skies and a high temperature of 60-degrees in Denver. But less than 24 hours later, a 40-degree drop in temperatures accompanied by half a foot or more of snow ushered in December. Overnight lows in Denver Thursday night into Friday will be in the single digits to near 0 in places making for a nearly 60-degree drop in temperatures in less than 36 hours.

In this video package by StormChasingVideo.com photojournalist Tony Laubach from around Denver, Colorado shows the poor driving conditions while trying to drive in the traffic in heavy snow on snow-covered roads. Additional B-Roll shots of snow plows clearing snow from area roads also included with this segment. Second half of the video includes various shots of people around downtown Denver in the snow. Final shots of winds blowing a large tarp against a downtown building. Final shot a panned shot of the Century Link Building with falling snow in downtown Denver.