Multiple tornado videos from Oklahoma today

11/7/2011 Snyder, OK Tornado and hail footage.


New video from chaser Tony Laubach of the Tornado 8 miles northeast of Snyder, OK in extreme southeast Kiowa County along OK-49. Hail shot through Kiowa County on same storm.

Opening shot of dash-mounted multi-vortex tornado forming along OK-49 crossing directly in front of chaser. Video then of driving shots as tornado morphs into a stout cone and moves into the Wichita Mountains.

Second part of video is of hail with the Snyder super-cell. Hail up to golf ball size came down on chaser, but up to baseball was reported.

11/7/2011 Tipton, OK Tornado Footage, long format video.


Here is the full video from chaser Brandon Sullivan who was in Tipton, OK where he caught some extraordinary tornado footage.

In the first clip of the video it shows a wide shot of the storm and the tornado on a southward approach to the storm. Brandon zooms into a tight shot of the tornado while he and his chase partners follow the storm.

The video then shows a medium to tight shot on a powerful tornado ripping across the ground.

The footage continues as the tornado travels to the north with both with views of the intense circulation. At one point the large tornado that becomes translucent allowing the inner circulation to become apparent.

Was the tornado moved to the north it went into the Wichita Mountains in southwest Oklahoma. Brandon tried to keep up with the tornado and in the end of the footage it is from his hood mounted wide angle camera as he approached the large tornado. He paralleled the the tornado after stopped to let it pass to the north.