10/26/2011 Loveland, CO Winter Storm Footage

Two days ago in Loveland, Colorado the temperature was 82F degrees outside. Today the area was hit hard today by a powerful winter storm that dumped over a foot of heavy wet snow on the region.

Repair crews have been busy most of the night and are still busy repairing infrastructure due to the damage caused by the heavy snow.

The weight of the heavy snow snapped numerous tree branches and the falling tree limbs snapped the electrical and utility lines causing major outages around the area. Most of the tree’s in the region still had all their foliage on them which allowed more the normal amounts of snow to accumulate. Along with electrical service, wide spread internet service outages were reported all over town from downed trees taking out telephone wiring as well.

In the video shot by StormChasingVideo.Com Weather Paparazzi Justin King, it shows the destruction caused by the heavy wet snow as a six inch diameter tree branch is sticking out of a car windshield. The footage continues with more downed tree limbs on cars, homes, modular trailers etc. There are scenes of kids and families sledding on the fresh (now 12 inches) of snow that has fallen in Loveland, CO.

The video continues in the older parts of Loveland, CO that have trees that are over 100 year old. This areas sustained major damage and lost large limbs along with more damage to homes and automobiles due to the falling trees and tree limbs.

In the second half of the video, it shows a POV footage while driving around Loveland, CO to document the damage. Stoplights were down across town along with many downed trees blocking the roads.