10/6/2011 High winds shut down Interstate 70 around Colby, KS

A powerful storm system moved into the high plains creating powerful winds that closed down highways and interstates all across eastern Colorado and western Kansas.

Wind gusts approaching 70mph with sustained winds at 50mph raked the region for most of the day Thursday. Blowing dust and the high winds lead to the closure of I-70 across parts of eastern Colorado and western Kansas. At one point, over 150 miles of I-70 was closed from Colorado into Kansas due to the blowing dust. Video package shot from Colby, Kansas along I-70.

Opening shots of barricade at Exit 53 with cops behind the barricade and the Colby city limits sign in the frame as vehicles exit westbound I-70. Other shots of barricades at Colby for the closure of westbound I-70. Includes a shot with extremely high winds with cop on the overpass. Last I-70 shot includes a sign blown off the interstate into the center median.

Remaining shots taken from the Oasis Travel Center on the south side of I-70 at Exit 53. Two establishing shots of high winds at the Southwinds Plaza sign and the iconic iron palm trees at the travel center.

Various shots of people in the wind at the travel center being blown around and off balance as they walk from the center to the gas pumps. Other shots include traffic in the blown dust as well as trees and limited visibility due to dust.