8/25/2011 Hurricane Irene Hit’s Nassau Bahamas

BNVN has multiple crews out covering Hurricane Irene from the Bahamas to New England.  We will be updating our site and our Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com/bnvn1 as new footage comes in.

Footage shot by our crews in downtown Nassau in the Bahamas as the center of Hurricane Irene passed off shore to the east.

The video is seven minutes long and is from the heart of Nassau as the area was hit hard by Hurricane Irene. The footage shows several buildings were damaged or destroyed as the wind was whipping the island. There is footage along the coast as the waves were smashing up against the sea wall. At one point in the video a buoy broke lose and is smashing up against a sea wall in a harbor. Through the high winds, the sounds of alarms can be heard in the background.