8/17/2011 Last Chance,CO Landspout Tornado

Tony Laubach was back out storm chasing today and shot this high definition video of a landspout tornado in eastern Colorado along CO-71 north of the town of Last Chance. Includes bonus footage of amazing looking storm in Nebraska at end of package.

Severe storms developed across parts of Colorado and Nebraska as yet another unseasonably strong system moves into the high plains kicking off the storms.

Video opens with wide shot of storm and transitions to the landspout crossing from left to right across CO-71 in front of a semi-trcuk. Next shot of a funnel. Various shots of landspout in various stages of its short life. Another funnel shot included. The landspout segment ends with shots of a rainbow on the back of the storm.

Second part includes bonus footage of the tornado-warned supercell near Tryon, Nebraska. Beautiful structure and cloud shots at sunset as the storm moves south across western Nebraska.