8/1/2011 Stearns County, MN Severe Thunderstorm

Severe storms hit central Minnesota on Monday afternoon with storms firing up in Stearns County before moving into the Twin Cities Metro area.

This video was shot in Southern Stearns County on the county line south of Paynesville, MN. The storms hit the area with high winds, heavy rain, lightning and even a weak wall cloud that tried to produce a funnel.

Shot sheet:

Clip 01 – 03 Vivid Lightning

Clip 04 Lightning and wall cloud

Clip 05 Impressive Shelf Cloud.

Clip 06 Pan to right of the massive shelf cloud.

Clip 07 Shelf cloud with lowering behind it and lightning over a farm field.

Clip 08 Time-lapse of storm moving in.

Clip 09 Very weak rotation / funnel cloud trying to form on the book end vortex. Just as fast as it formed, it fell apart.

Clip 10 high winds and rain blowing

Clip 11 High winds and rain blowing over a farm field

Clip 12 High winds and rain hitting a corn field.

Clip 13 – 20 Impressive cloud to ground lightning.