7/11/2011 Franktown, CO Lightning Strikes and Hail Aftermath

For the 6th day in a row, severe weather resulting from monsoonal moisture flow hammered parts of the Colorado Front Range with intense lightning, high winds, hail, and very heavy rains. Area residents have called this some of the most unusual monsoon patterns they have seen in quite some time as it has stormed daily since last Wednesday.

Video package shot in and around the town of Franktown, Colorado which is located about 7 miles east of Castle Rock or about 30 miles southeast of Denver. First scene of video is shot of the severe-warned thunderstorm as it moves off the foothills just north of Castle Rock showing a hail shaft.

(00:0901:09) Various shots of lightning strikes, including several vivid, close strikes as the storm moves around the Franktown area. Best shot occurs between 00:1300:17.

(01:0902:05) Shots during the storm of torrential rains and wind. Includes POV shots of traffic driving through rain/ponding.

(02:0503:15) Shots after the storm of hail accumulated along CO-83 several miles north of Franktown. Various shots of cars driving past hail drifts which contain hail up to 1-inch in diameter.