7/8/2011 Thornton, CO Flash Flooding

Another round of monsoonal storms dumps torrential rains across the northern portions of the Denver Metro area causing flash flooding of area streets. Many roads north of I-270/US-36 and south of 120th Avenue were impassable due to high water from the nearly 3-inches of rain that fell within a 45 minute time span.

RUNTIME – 4:00

(00:0000:51) Video package opens up with POV driving shots of ominous clouds and rain, along with backed up traffic due to the downpour. Closing shot in this section is of I-25 under 84th Avenue which is backed up due to high water on the highway.

(00:5102:45) Various shots of up to two feet of water covering 84th Avenue west of I-25. Opens with a wide shot of the scene with a cop blocking the westbound lanes with flooding and stalled cars behind him. Includes footage of vehicles stranded in water with people walking through the high waters and attempting to help pull a stalled car from the flood. Final shot of section includes wide of the flooded road.

(02:4503:19) Various shots of roadside ditches running nearly full from the storm’s runoff.

(03:1903:46) Opens with a shot of a man removing water-left debris from the sidewalk. Two other shots of mud and rocks on the roads leftover from the flooding.

(03:4603:59) Closing shot of dark skies and a vivid rainbow as a backdrop for recovering traffic along 84th Avenue.