7/6/2011 Adams County, CO Severe Storms

Conditions in Colorado were unusually moist thanks to a cold front that moved through on Tuesday. This set the stage for severe storms to move through the state with large hail, torrential rains, and even funnel clouds.

(00:0000:27) Opening shots of clouds as the storm moved through Adams County. Including a wall cloud and shelf cloud.

(00:2700:43) Shot of a slightly rotating, disorganized funnel cloud near the CO-79/CO-52 junction.

(00:4302:36) Shot of severe hail up to 1.25" in diameter. Various scenes of passing cars as heavy hail/rains fall, close-up shots of hail on the ground and falling in nearby water, and general storm shots of the falling rain/hail.

(02:3603:52) Various shots of minor street/rural flooding along CO-79 north of Bennett in Adams County. Shots of vehicle driving through water as well as shots of flowing water across various county roads.

(03:5204:00) Ending shot of a tail cloud of the storm with the setting sun to the west.