6/24/2011 Laramie County WY Lightning Funnel and Hail

A long-track LP or low precipitation supercell tracks over 100 miles across two states bringing funnel clouds, intense lightning, hail, and lots of blowing dust. This video package shot by BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach covers the storm that started in the foothills northwest of Cheyenne and moved across the Nebraska Panhandle.

The opening scenes show vivid lightning strikes as the storm forms near I-25 north of Cheyenne. Next shots shows a snakey funnel cloud that developed with the storm. Following shots of structure and intense blowing dust from beneath the storm. One scene included a non-rotating dust column with violent motion as the dust is drawn nearly straight up toward the storm with several buildings in the foreground. Next shot of structure/wall cloud with dust in the foreground. Next shot of a non-rotating wall cloud as hail begins to fall. Following shots of hail up to 1.25" falling from the storm. Several POV shots and shots of hail falling on the ground. Next scene of an antelope staring right at the camera in the field as rain/small hail fall on him (he’s undoubtedly wanting to hide in my car). Next scene of hail up to penny-sized in hand measured against a coin. Last shot of the backside of the storm as cumulus clouds continue to build as the storm marches east.