6/16/2011 Laramie County WY Severe Storms

A line of severe storms developed in the foothills of Wyoming and pushed east across eastern Wyoming and into the Nebraska panhandle bringing hail, high winds, and lot of blowing dust out ahead of the line.

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach shot this video package which starts near exit 34 on Interstate 25, just north of Cheyenne, WY as incoming storm was moving in from the west. Various structure shots of the shelf cloud as it moves toward the Interstate.

Second part is of the hail and heavy rains on I-25 near Exit 34 north of Cheyenne. Hail up to 1.25" falls on the Interstate as many vehicles stop on the side of the road to let the storm pass. Various shots of hail on the highway, vehicles stopping, and POV driving shots in the hail storm.

Third part is of blowing dust from the leading edge of the line as it moved toward the WY/NE border. Shots taken near the town of Albin, WY where WY-216 and WY-215 intersect about 2 miles west of the WY/NE border. Opening shot of a small, but fast spinning gustnado. Various shots then of heavy dust plume and wind blowing through nearby trees. A quick shot of a piece of metal that blew off a nearby structure.