5/30/2011 Atkinson, NE Severe Hail and Gustnado footage

Severe storms with small tornadoes pushed across Nebraska on Monday bringing extremely large hail, heavy rains, wind, and small tornadoes.

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach was on the storms as they moved in from the southwest toward Atkinson, NE. The video he shot for this story includes a long funnel snaking out from the storm trying to become a tornado.  Then point of view footage while driving in hail up to 4 inches in diameter falling onto the highway on the east side of Atkinson, NE before escaping the hail storm back to the west.  Tony shows the camera what several of the hail stones looked like just minutes after falling as they started to melt.

As Tony continued to follow the storm he caught up to a large, but very weak tornado east of Atkinson, NE.  In this part of the video he shows various shots of the gustnadoes, which are very weak tornadoes along the gust front that were blowing dust into the air.

The video ends showing flooding in O’Neill, NE with various clips of traffic driving through street flooding.