5/25/2011 Memphis, TN Tornadoes

Severe storms broke out again across tornado alley on Wednesday with multiple tornadic storms forming across the southeast. One storm formed southwest of Memphis and moved across the metro area with the people of Memphis dodging a bullet from this tornado-warned storm that produced several funnels and a brief reported tornado near the Mississippi River west of downtown.

Video by BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach opens up with funnel cloud above the southwest suburbs that was reported to have briefly touched down near the river. Various shots of the funnel as chasers make their way into town. Following shots are of the wall cloud and scarey looking scud features that had dipped out of the clouds over the city. Shots of hail up to 1.50" in diameter that came from this storm. Various other shots of rotating clouds, a police officer in the rain, and a rainbow.