4/16/2011 Raleigh, NC and Wilson, NC Tornado Outbreak Footage.

Severe storms and deadly tornadoes hit Raleigh and Wilson North Carolina today and BNVN Weather Paparazzi William Coyle was their to document the historic event.

In the video that William shot, it starts out with a scene of a "Rain Wrapped" tornado passing in front of him.  The tornado hits some power lines and in the video you can see some faint power flashes as it crosses east of Raleigh on Interstate 440.

After the tornado passes over Interstate 440, debris is all over the roadway and along the fences and tree line.  This part of the footage was only a few minutes after the tornado passed over the area and destroying a strip mall.

William kept on chasing the storm system and caught a second tornado heading towards Wilson, NC.  This time the wall cloud, meso and tornado were not rain wrapped but the thick tree’s made it hard to see the storm until he was able to get up on a hill to over look the tree line.   Once he was able to see the meso, a large wedge tornado was forming and was heading to the northeast at 55 miles per hour.