4/8/2011 Garfield County OK Funnel Cloud and Baseball Size Hail

Today BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach was on the severe storms that erupted across northern Oklahoma and southern Kansas bringing reports of huge hail and a few scattered tornadoes. One storm initiated near Enid and tracked east/northeast across northern Oklahoma. Video package that Tony shot includes scenes from this storm.

Opening shots of rotating wall cloud and funnel cloud near the town of Garber, Oklahoma. Shots include rapidly rotating wall cloud with several funnel shots.

Next shots are of insane hail from south of Hunter, Oklahoma. Opening POV shots as hail beings to fall as quarter-to-golfball. Video transitions as hail up to baseball size falls on vehicles and nearby fields. Scenes of cars on the side of the road as hail storm ends with giant hail falling from time to time. Last shots include hail with ruler and baseball and golfball hail in hand.