4/4/2011 Crystal Mountain Wild Fire Media Tour

Fort Collins, CO & Bellvue, CO Crystal Mountain fire, media tour footage. In this video sent in by BNVN Weather Paparazzi Justin King who was part of the media tour that was given today at 3:00 pm, he accessed the most affected area of the fire where structures were lost. Video shows charred landscape, burned structure and car, more air support overhead, and at the end the on camera interview with the USFS PIO explaining the fire was originally 25 acres and exploded to 4500 with 90+ mph winds.

The second half of this video package is from a ridge line due east of the current burn area. The fire has laid down due to 3 inches of snow that fell the day prior, but as you can see now that has all melted away. In the time of filming this first clip parts of the fire were observed flaring up again. This package shows the helicopters doing water drops on the current active fire line. Access to the canyon was closed to all persons so this ridge line was the closest anyone can get for now. The area of the lake being used for water access is also secluded. Fire is estimated at 4,500 acres and is 15% contained as of 5:00 PM mountain time.