Update from BNVN crews in Crystal River Florida and the Manatee Video

We have just received an update from BNVN Sr. Underwater Videographer Brian Dombrowski that it is now impossible to do any further filming of the Manatees in Crystal River and the Three Sisters spring.  Brian was on location for unrelated project in the area and took some time off to go and check out the Manatees when he found the new rules from the US Fish and Wildlife service were in full force.  Brian said "You can’t even be in the water now when their are Manatees around"  He went on to say that there are several Fish and Game officers on site now all day long on the banks of the springs to hand out citations to anyone interacting with the Manatees.

Footage in the catalog below which was produced in March of 2007 are now impossible to film. 

BNVN has a very large collection of Florida Manatee footage from Crystal River prior to the area being made virtually off limits to any underwater videography work at the end of 2010. 

To preview our Manatee stock footage archive, go to