1/19/2011 Westminster, CO Evening Slick Roads

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach shot this video package documenting the messy and very slow rush hour in Denver thanks to a quick, but very hard hitting snowstorm that iced over the roads.

Video package opens up with after dark footage of a UPS semi truck attempting to get up a hill when the trailor starts to slide off the road. This is the ramp to northbound US-287 (Federal Blvd) from eastbound CO-128 (120th Ave). The semi along with a van get stuck on the ice. Video package includes the semi truck’s trailor sliding out from behind the cab and stopping. Various shots of the semi blocking traffic as well as cops arriving on-scene to close the ramp.

Second part of package includes van sliding attempting to get around on the icey roads as well as various shots of cars in the median unable to make the road. One shot of a snowplow illuminating the ice on the road as it drives by.

Package ends with early evening footage of very slow and stopped traffic as the storm ends before dark.