12/11/2010 Minneapolis, Blizzard Video

Minneapolis and Saint Paul metro region was hit hard with a record breaking amount of snow on Saturday. The cities just south and east of the metro area received 18 inches to 21.5 inches of snow.

This video was shot in the southern Minneapolis, MN metro area from the Burnsville, MN area which is just south of the Minnesota River to the area around the Minneapolis International Airport and Mall of America in Bloomington and into Minneapolis itself.

The snow caused hundreds of cars in the metro area to spin out and become stuck in the snow along several serious crashes with injuries. Driving was near impossible without a four wheel drive truck and even with a 4×4 truck, it was extremely difficult and dangerous to try and navigate the roadways.

Heavy snow and high winds caused the Minneapolis – St. Paul International airport to shut down for a few hours until one of the four runways was able to be opened up for limited use operations.

Delta Airlines, which runs about eighty percent of the airports traffic out of MSP had to cancel virtually all of its flights into and out of Minneapolis Saturday afternoon and evening.

This major winter storm system stranded everyone. The New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings football game which was scheduled for Sunday 12/12/2010, had to be rescheduled for Monday night due to the fact that the New York Giants football team could not fly into Minneapolis due to the blizzard.

In the video there are several clips of people stuck in the snow after losing control of their vehicles, snow plows trying to clear the roads and footage from Minneapolis International Airport of the heavy snow and travelers reading the signs showing all the flights that were canceled.

After the blizzard, extreme cold temperature’s and dangerous wind chills are moving into the region.