Video of the day, 11/21/2010 freezing rain and extreme road conditions in central Minnesota

Freezing rain, mist and drizzle put down a slick coat of ice over the roads of central and southern Minnesota today. The ice caused hundreds of crashes causing serious injuries including two fatal accidents.

The footage I shot of the slick road condition was from the Saint Cloud and Sauk Centre area of Minnesota.

The first part of the footage shows slick roads in Saint Cloud, MN where cars were having a hard time dealing with the ice covered roads.

The second half of the footage was from Sauk Centre where a Semi Truck rolled over after trying to avoid a van that spun out and lost control in front of the Semi.

When the Semi crashed, the cargo of frozen fish broke through the top of the trailer and spilled out onto the side of Interstate 94. The remaining cargo in the trailer had to be removed by the tow truck crews prior to being able to lift the rig back onto it’s wheels.