07/31/2010 Indianola Iowa National Balloon Classic

Hundreds of strange objects are floating over Iowa this weekend as the National Hot Air Balloon Classic is taking place in Indianola Iowa.

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Brandon Sullivan is covering the event and shot some amazing footage of multiple pilots preparing their balloons for inflation on the flight field and numerous balloons being inflated and one balloon is already in the air.

The footage then shows balloons fully inflated and upright waiting to take off while a few balloons are already in flight in the background.

Brandon then takes flight and shows what the ride was like from INSIDE the basket of a balloon as it ascends over the field. You can see a very large crowd, and a large amount of balloons still left to launch.

The footage continues from inside the basket as the balloon continues its climb and shows a very wide view from nearly 1500 feet, this shot shows all of the huge crowd and the other balloons.

The pilot of this flight was Spencer Conlin, one of the youngest pilots at the national competition. The shot encompasses the balloons in the background, showing the beauty of the competition, but you can see the determination in his face as well.

As the video ends, it shows all of the balloons from a very wide angle as they have all taken off then ends from the ground, of a balloon slowly landing over the hill. As it moves across the shot, another balloon comes into view from behind.

To license this footage, contact http://www.bnvn.com

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