07/17/2010 Central Minnesota Extreme Hail and Wall Cloud Video

Central Minnesota was hit hard today by large hail and tornadic warned storms from Osakis to the Twin Cities metro area. 

Hail was reported up to softball size in some places but in our video today the largest we saw was the size of baseballs. 
The footage starts out showing the size of the hail that fell and then moves into the storm chase where we encountered the hail. The hail destroyed many farm fields and turned the crops into mulch for the lack of a better description. 
As the hailed moved toward the Richmond, MN area, it picked up intensity and destroyed numerous vehicles and damaged several houses.  Reports from Richmond said that windows were blown out in homes and siding was smashed by the hail. 

The video ends with the wall cloud looking west to North West over Lake Osakis, in Osakis, MN.