06/20/2010 Chugwater, WY Tornadic Storm and Huge Hail video

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach was on a tornadic storm that developed near I-25 and moved over the town of Chugwater, Wyoming, about 45 miles north of Cheyenne on Sunday. The video package opens up with tripoded dash footage of massive high-contrast wall cloud rotating over I-25 just south of the Chugwater exit. Next shot of a brief funnel and cloud swirls directly overhead

Next shots in storm as 60mph winds and golf ball hail fall. Various POV shots of hail falling on the street. Last storm shot shows baseball size hail on the roads as golf balls fall and impact dark pavement.

Next shot includes two baseball hailstones in hand against a destroyed windshield with people inside the car wiping glass from the dash. Various other shots include hailstones stacked up against a baseball and tennis ball. Other shots of very spiky hail in chaser’s hands. One scene of a hailstone stacked up against a dollar bill.

Next series of shots are low-ground shots of hail covering roads just east of Chugwater. Middle shot of an SUV slowly driving away.

Last shot a humor shot of a very close lightning strike just off camera and the immediate thunder. Lightning hit the field less than 30 feet from vehicle and sent a larger plume of smoke into the air. Scene just includes bright flash, thunder, and chaser audio as camera was pointed straight ahead.