06/09/2010 Scottsbluff, NE_Hail and Flooding

Tony Laubach was out chasing yesterday in Scottsbluff, NE where he was in the middle of a severe storm that dumped a lot of rain and hail on the area. The video opens with several shots of heavy rain and hail falling on the west side of Scottsbluff. Video transitions to some road ponding in northern Scottsbluff where a neighborhood road turned into a small running creek. Shot opens with kids playing in the water on the road. Various shots after include vehicles driving through the streaming water, including a storm chasing mesonet vehicle. Various generic shots of water running down the road end this segment.

At about 11pm, another severe storm rolled through Scottsbluff with 1.25" hail. Various shots from the Candlelight Inn hotel of hail falling on vehicles and in the parking lot. One scene where camera man gets startled by close lightning strike. Various shots of hail falling on the pavement and on cars.