05/22/2010 Violent Tornado in Edmunds County South Dakota

High Def footage of a violent wedge tornado hit north central South Dakota on Saturday evening near the small town of Bowdle, SD.

Video starts out with a Cone tornado about a mile away. Chris Collura is recording the tornado in the second clip while taking cover in a ditch as winds gusting to over 70 miles as the rear flank downdraft of the tornadoes winds hit the area while other chasers drive towards the large tornado.

Video continues with a side POV shot while driving as a huge tornado is just a half mile away.

The rest of the footage shows a huge wedge tornado with close-up shots of the side of the tornado with debris flying in the air with a pull back show to show the whole tornado. Video ends with various shots of the tornado along the road about a mile away from the camera man.