Wide Spread Ice Storm Damage, Oklahoma City, OK With Drone – 10/27/2020

Multiple days of moderate to heavy freezing rain resulted in widespread damage across central Oklahoma as some areas saw 0.50 to 1.75 inches of freezing rain and ice. As of 7 PM, OGE is reporting about a quarter of a million without power due to the ice storm across Oklahoma. Clips in this video include crews working on restoring power, several trees damaged, and drone footage of the damage across Oklahoma City.
Shot Description

Shot 1-2: Wide and close shots of crews starting to work on repairing power outages and cutting up trees on powerlines.
Shot 3-6: Several tree branches down and everything coated in ice
Shot 7-9: Police blocking off the road due to down power lines and power poles
Shot 10-11: Dash camera of everything coated in ice and downed branches and trees in the neighborhood leading to a downed tree blocking the road.
Shot 12: USPS worker delivering mail while freezing rain is falling and trees and branches are downed in the background.
Shot 13 More dash camera video of down trees and branches covered in ice with neighbors out looking at the damage.
Shot 14: Tree branch falling in real-time
Shot 15-18: Video of large branches and trees downed because of ice and people driving around it
Shot 19-20: Driving through trees draped over the road covered in ice and blocking the road
Shot 21-22: Close and wide drone shots of ice-covered trees, homes, and neighborhood and down trees all over Oklahoma City neighborhood.

SID: JWSevereWeather

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