Hurricane Delta, Creole And Cameron Parish, Louisiana Stock Footage – 10/9/2020

Full stock video of Hurricane Delta in SW Louisiana on October 9, 2020.
Shot Description

1). 5 second slug (SCV / author information). Also brief slug showing start of Sony NX-70 footage.

2). Rain looking east on I-10 near Port Arthur.

3). Destroyed 88D radar in NWC Lake Charles (from Laura).

4). Error message attempting to access LCH 88D site.

5). Heading south on SR 27, power poles down.

6). Debris piled from Laura along side of SR 27.

7). Flooding and homes on stilts north of Creole, LA.

8). Three shots of the start of storm near Creole. Clouds moving fast plus view of radar screen.

9). Derek Sibley walking on concrete slab (building gone from Laura).

10). Road to Rutherford Beach, looking south.

11). View of trees blowing west of Creole, LA.

12). Road to Rutherford Beach with leaning poles and flooding.

13). Two shots of winds whipping rising water.

14). Looking north on road from Rutherford Beach. Heavy rains and wind.

15). View of dash, hurricane forced winds arrive, radar image on phone.

16). Eight shots of winds whipping with rain in Creole, LA. Horizontal rains.

17). Shot of radar image of storm eyewall approaching.

18). Six shots of eyewall with winds gusting near 100 MPH, horizontal rain.

19). Four shots of rising water, driving in rising surge and eyewall.

20). Shot of school and Doug’s vehicle.

21). Two shots of inner eyewall, winds gust over 100 MPH.

22). Wires dangling / whipping.

23). Rushing / rising surge water in Creole.

24). Small fish jumping in rising / rushing surge.

25). Shot of street and flooding / eyewall winds.

26). Rushing water from rising surge, waterfall / rapids.

27). Heading north on SR 27 out of Creole.

28). Surge, violent winds, destroyed house (from Laura).

29). Radar image on phone, heading north on SR 27.

30). Two shots of winds begin calming, view of grass / mud across SR 27. Power poles down.

31). Two shots of entering eye north of Creole with older guy walking up to us.

32). Now inside eye, dead calm, water like a mirror.

33). Two shots, of water flowing and rising inside eye, looking S towards Creole, LA.

34). Driving in eye, as second half approaches.

35). Second half arrives, with 75 to 80 MPH winds.

36). Second half, flooding.

37). Strong winds and roadway, near dusk.

38). Marsh and surge water in strong winds, with whipping grass.

39). Two shots of fast moving clouds and flooded roadway, winds gusting to 80 MPH.

40). Brief view of blue sky on S edge of eye, heading back north on SR 27.

41). SR 27 at dusk.

42). Winds and rain winding down at night.

43). Brief slug denoting start of Samsung S20 Ultra footage.

44). Seven shots of strong eyewall winds in Creole, LA.

45). Two shots of rising surge and near zero visibility.

46). Raging water / rapids overtopping flood gate north of Creole.

46). Destroyed house (Laura), surge, and eyewall winds.

47). Myself standing in strong winds on hurricane backside.

48). Strong winds across roadway.

49). Brief slug denoting start of GoPro 8 Hero footage.

50). View of start of eyewall, driving around Creole, LA. Roof mounted, looking forward.

51). Handheld view of strong winds with eyewall in Creole, panning shot.

52). View of myself in vehicle, holding camera, as strong winds whip by.

53). Two shots of the view of Creole, LA in eyewall from atop concrete slab.

54). Driving in eyewall, with rising waters, wires whipping, Doug’s vehicle. Roof mounted, looking forward.

55). End of video stock.

Note: Shots 2-42 were shot on Sony NX-70, 44-48 on Samsung S20 Ultra, and 50-54 on a GoPro Hero 8.


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