Hurricane Sally, Outer Bands Hitting Gulf Shores, AL – 9/15/2020

Initial impacts in the city of Gulf Shores, AL, from from the outer bands of Hurricane Sally as it approaches the Gulf Coast.
Shot Description

1. Hurricane Warning sign above Interstate 10 in SE Mississippi
2. Emergency crews responding to a call in Foley, AL
3. Road closed due to flooding in Gulf Shores, AL (wide)
4. Road closed due to flooding in Gulf Shores, AL (tight)
5. Flooding over roadway in Gulf Shores (wide)
6. Palm trees and power lines swaying in the wind in Gulf Shores
7. Hurricane warning flags flying with waves crashing in the background in Gulf Shores
8. Hurricane warning flags flying in Gulf Shores
9. Blowing sand and waves crashing within outer band of Sally in Gulf Shores
10-14. Various wide and tight shots of waves crashing in Gulf Shores

SID: Trey Greenwood

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