Siesta Key, FL Thunder Storm – 8/9/2020

A strong thunderstorm drops dangerous lightning and wind driven heavy rain to Siesta Key Florida. Includes clip of lightning bolt dropping down behind a US flag blowing in storm winds.
Shot Description

1) Lightning bolt strikes behind US flag blowing in wind & rain from thunderstorm on Siesta Key.
2) Person running in rain to get into a car while lightning strikes close.
3) Heavy rain coming off awning.
4) Pickup drives by in heavy rain as lightning strikes close.
5) Wind blows water coming from overflow of overwhelmed gutter.
6) Gutter overflow hitting ground.
7,8) Vehicles splashing ponding water in road.
9,10,11) A wide, medium, and close shot of heavy rain water flowing over driveway.
12) Heavy rain hitting ponding water.

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