Insane Hail Accumulation and Flash Flooding – Colorado Springs, CO – 8/5/2020

Massive hail and torrential rain hammer El Paso county causing damage and traffic delays on August 5, 2020 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Shot Description

00:00 – Drivers in Southern Colorado Springs drive down a road with accumulated hail.

00:10 – Massive amounts of hail accumulation line the sides of the road as flash flooding takes hold.

00:26 – Closer shot of previous.

00:35 – Torrential rain and hail and low visibility cause drivers to pull over into deep hail.

00:46 – Wid of an insane amount of vehicles taking cover under overpass.

00:55 – Closer shot of vehicles taking cover under overpass, even partially blocking traffic.

01:00 – Driving down Southbound I-25 as hail pummels moving vehicles.

01:13 – Close up of accumulated hail.

01:21 – Hail bouncing in grass.

01:31 – Vehicles going through flooded street, almost not making it.

01:43 – Flash flooding and vehicles driving through deep water.

01:52 – Hail splashing in water on road.

02:05 – Heavy traffic on Southbound I-25 caused by extreme weather conditions.

02:15 – Traffic travelling Northbound on I-25 through flash flooding.

02:26 – Driving through torrential rain.

02:37 – Very close lightning strike off camera spooks cameraman.

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