It’s Elsa Making Hail, 4 Year Old Says hail that hit St Cloud, MN is from Elsa

One long cut of a hail storm that hit Saint Cloud, MN Saturday Afternoon. Nothing severe but 4 year old Laura Kiesling says “It’s Elsa” from the Disney Frozen movie series that is causing the hail storm.

Hail was Pea to 3/4 inch in size.

Shot Description

One long unedited clip of the hail storm falling then I pan the camera down to our daughter saying “It’s Elsa” and then pans back to the hail storm.

This footage shot after explaining to our daughter that when she hear’s the alarm on the weather radio that was sounding (for storms further away from home at the time), that she needs to find Mom or Dad right away. And why? We looked out side after turning off the weather radio alarm and the small storm started dropping lots of hail.

SID: Doug Kiesling

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