Rice Lake, WI Perfect Day, People At The Lake – 6/27/2020

A very warm and somewhat muggy day in Rice Lake WI. Our high topped off at 84 degrees. For us up in northwestern WI this is considered hot. People headed out on Rice Lake to cool off. This video package shows how we, up here in the north deal with the heat and humidity.
Shot Description

Clip 1. A bank temperature of 83 degrees at 2:31 PM.
Clip 2. Another bank temperature showing 84 degrees at 3:00 PM.
Clip 3. Heat rising off the pavement and buildings with cars driving on main street.
Clip 4. People swimming with a boat pulling a knee boarder, and a jet ski going through the shot.
Clip 5. A boat pulling a knee boarder.
Clip 6. People swimming and floating on tubes.
Clip 7. Jet skiers having a blast.
Clip 8-9. A boat pulling a water skier.
Clip 10. Jet skies and a boat pulling a knee boarder through the shot.
Clip 11. A boat driving through the shot.

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