Severe Storms, Baseball Sized Hail Hits Kansas Motorists – 5/21/2020

Baseball sized hail hammered portions of southwest Kansas as severe storms marched east out of Colorado late Thursday afternoon. Many vehicles suffered broken windshields as the wind-driven hail covered US-400 between Syracuse and Lakin near the small town of Kendall. Over two-dozen vehicles were damaged near Kendall.
Shot Description

Clip 1: Wide shot of incredible storm structure as the storm produces baseball sized hail.

Clip 2: Dramatic shot of baseball sized hail bouncing off the ground as it comes down heavy.

Clip 3: POV shot looking out destroyed windshield as heavy hail falls.

Clip 4-5: White vehicle on the side of the highway as hail covers the ground.

Clip 6-10: Various shots of vehicles pulled over as intense hail falls and covers the ground.

Clip 11-12: Shots of hail falling on the highway.

Clip 13: Red pickup taking cover in a car wash.

Clip 14: A man in the car wash taking pictures of the approaching storm.

Clips 15-16: Hail begins to fall as storm approaches.

Clip 17-18: Large hail begins to fall and smash apart on US-400 as storm approaches.

Clip 19-20: POV driving shots under a developing wall cloud over the highway.

Clips 21-23: Shots of ragged clouds and a wall cloud.

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