Burlington, CO Night I70 Snow Travel Hazards – 10/30/2019

Major winter storm hammering parts of the high plains with Winter Storm Warnings in effect as up to a foot of snow may fall overnight across parts of eastern Colorado. Numerous wrecks closed I-70 near Limon and snow-covered roads made for very hazardous travel across the eastern Plains of Colorado.

Shot Description

Scenes 1-2: Shots of heavy snow falling on the Colorado state sign at the CO/KS border.

Scenes 3-4: C-DOT highway sign warning drivers that I-70 is closed ahead.

Scene 5-6: Emergency crews on scene of a semi off the side of I-70.

Scene 7-8: Overpass shots looking down on I-70 just west of Burlington.

Scene 9-10: POV driving shots along I-70 passing the Burlington exit.

Scene 11-12: Shots of traffic driving slow on I-70 in heavy falling snow.

Scene 13: Snowplow turning onto US-24 in Burlington.

Scene 14-15: Traffic on US-24 in Burlington as heavy snow falls and blows across the road.

Scene 16-17: Truck with emergency flashers pulled off the highway.

Scene 18: Parked car at rest stop in Burlington.

Scene 19: Heavy snow falling in street light.


Scene 20-21: Shots of snow falling on the Kansas state sign.

Scene 22-26: Shots of semi that slid off a ramp heading into a rest stop just east of the CO/KS border.

Scene 27: Snow falling over the rest stop.

Scene 28-29: K-DOT sign warning of slick roads.

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