Salida, CO Decker Fire 10/7/2019

The Decker Fire grew to over 6,000 acres and 730 responding fire fighters over the weekend.
Shot Description

1. Fire burns near an Aspen stand as seen from Highway 285
2. Wide pan of burn area
3. Timelapse of Burn
4. Smoke lingers along Highway 285
5. Stars rise behind the Decker Fire
6. Smokey Bear sign with VERY HIGH Fire Danger on Highway 50
7. Smoke lifts from bright fire
8. Salida town sign
9. Day time shot of Smoke Bear Fire Danger VERY HIGH sign
10. Close-up of Decker Fire with sign on Highway 50
11. Thank You Fire fighters sign in Salida
12. Decker Fire Firefighter sign found in most businesses in Salida
13. Fire burning over Salida Hotel
14. Fire burns over yellow Aspen trees as viewed from Highway 50

SID: Terrence Cook

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