Miami, FL Invest 95L Timelapse – 9/12/2019

Miami Florida Time-lapse video looking SE off the top of the Continuum towards over the Atlantic towards the Bahamas. Time-lapse video shows clouds tropical showers moving counter-clockwise (north to south) ahead of the developing tropical system Invest 95L, which could become Humberto if it develops into a tropical storm this weekend. You can see the waves hitting the north jetty of the Government Cut below as the northerly wind increases. 1080p 30fps video.
Shot Description

1) Time-lapse looking SE towards the Bahamas shows clouds moving N to S ahead of the developing tropical low.
2) Time code 0:20 to 1:00 shows a huge thunderstorm anvil head growing for offshore in the direction of developing Invest 95L.
3) Time code 1:33. A heavy tropical shower moved over the camera with heavy rain bringing the visibility to zero.

SID: Broadwave com

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