Thick black smoke and roof fire in 113F (43C) heat in Tempe, AZ – 8/14/2019

Multiple Alarm Structure Fire with Thick Black Smoke in Tempe, Arizona as the outside air temperature got up to 113F or 45C. Initial reports was that the roof and roofing materials of building under construction caught on fire.

Shot Description

Shot 1: Medium Shot of Structure Fire Massive Black Smoke
Shot 2: Tight shot of structure fire with thick black smoke.
Shot 3: Wide shot showing smoke, Tempe Town Lake and planes arriving despite the smoke in the flight path to Phoenix Sky Harbor
Shot 4: Very tight shot of heavy black smoke
Shot 5: Medium shot of people coming out of their office buildings to look at the smoke on a very hot day in the Phoenix metro area.
Shot 6: Wide shot of the same people looking at the smoke
Shot 7: Tight shot showing emergency vehicles blocking a bridge to fire.
Shot 8: Ultra Tight shot showing brown smoke
Shot 9: Medium shot of black smoke and sailboat on Tempe town Lake.
Shot 10: Tight shot of plane flying through the smoke on approach to the Phoenix Airport.
Shot 11: Medium shot showing the heavy traffic caused by fire, with lake and smoke.
Shot 12: The beginning stages of the fire.

SID: Bryan Snider

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