Sarasota, FL Heavy Rain And Waves Crashing – 8/16/2019

SW Florida remains soaked from on going heavy bands of rain moving in from the Gulf of Mexico. Blustery SW winds are also creating very choppy conditions on Sarasota Bay which is normally flat calm in the summer.
Shot Description

1) Traffic in rain splashes camera on US 41 in downtown Sarasota FL.
2) Dark tropical rain clouds moving in ready to dump heavy rain.
3) Tighter shot of low dark clouds moving.
4) Very heavy rain falls in residential neighborhood. Lamp post.
5) Tighter shot of lamp post with heavy rain.
6) Wind driven rain falls on pavement.
7) Wide shot of choppy seas on Sarasota Bay.
8,9) Low angle POV wet shots of chop coming over seawall.
10) Boat attempting to dock in choppy seas and rain. Waves coming over dock.
11,12,13) Three varied shots of flooded lawn and wooden fence from endless rain.

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