High Speed Chase Ends With A Crash In Norman, OK – 8/15/2019

Just after 12:35 AM on August 15, 2019, a crash occurred going southbound on I-35 just north of Robinson St in Norman, OK following a high-speed chase where speeds reached over 120 MPH at times. Oklahoma City Police report the chase started around 72nd and Arthur in Oklahoma City [Warr Acres area] when a possible burglary was reported. Police though were not able to confirm if there was in fact an actual burglary or not. They can confirm though the vehicle in their pursuit was not stolen. There were three individuals in the car, two males and one female. While in pursuit of the vehicle, police report several things being thrown out the window, including possible drug paraphernalia in the area of Indian Hills. The chase ended with the vehicle going over the cement barrier on the side of the road and stopping between the cement barrier and a metal fence.

Initially, one suspect was taken to a hospital, with what police were saying non-life threatening injuries, a second suspect was arrested, and the third was on the loose. That third suspect was later caught around 1:43 AM. One shotgun was found in the truck and one handgun was also found in the car. Drug paraphernalia, including a pipe, was also found. No other injuries were being reported and no other vehicles were involved in the crash. Police were not immediately able to confirm if spike strips were used, but said they were possibly deployed on the Hefner Parkway. Norman Police, Oklahoma City Police, and Oklahoma State Police were all at the scene of the crash, as was the Norman Fire Department.
Shot Description
Shots 1-4: Various angles and shots of police searching the vehicle that had crashed at the end of the high-speed chase

Shot 5-7: Police inspecting a handgun found in the car

Shot 8-9: More various angles and shots of police searching the vehicle

Shot 10-11: Police checking the trunk of the car where they find a shotgun that they inspect

Shot 12-14: Various wide and close up shots of the car that crashed over the cement barrier and stopped between the barrier and a metal fence

Shot 15: Ambulance with lights and siren driving by the scene of the crash

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