Winnebago County, IA Tornado, Funnel, Lightning Time-Lapse – 8/5/2019

Severe storms with a brief embedded rain-wrapped tornado and funnel cloud over Winnebago County, IA this evening. Footage shot in northern Winnebago County, IA just south of the Minnesota and Iowa state line. The first part of the video was from near Scarville, Iowa in the Harmon Lake State Game Management Area where rain wrapped low rotation was spotted and it touched down for a few seconds before being blasted with high winds and heavy rain. Shot with several different cameras inside and out of the vehicle for verification.

Additional footage from Lake Mills of street flooding with several vehicles barely making it through and a couple that stalled out.

Video ends with time lapse and B-Roll of the storm on the Minnesota and Iowa state line just north of Scarville, IA.
Shot Description

Clip 1, Dash Camera #2 showing lowering and brief touched down on the rain. You can see the ground contact with the tree’s in the back ground.

Clip 2 Outside roof mounted GoPro 4k camera cropped to 1080 showing weak circulation touching down in front of the trees.

Clip 3 Wide un-cropped video from roof mounted 4K GoPro of Clip 2

Clip 4 Dash Camera #1 showing ground contact before being blasted by the high winds and heavy rain.

Clip 5 Extreme winds from wide angle roof mounted camera.

Clip 6 Extreme winds from dash camera #1

Clip 7-8 Extreme winds from hand held camera on the side.

Clip 9-13 Vehicles driving through flooding in Lake Mills, IA

Clip 14 Lightning in Lake Mills, IA

Clip 15 Lightning in Lake Mills, IA

Clip 16-17 Lightning on the Iowa and Minnesota State Line.

Clip 18 Time Lapse showing the storms structure and rotation as it moved into Winnebago County, IA.

Clip 19 Dash camera time lapse of the lowering in northern Winnebago County, IA.

Clip 20-21 Lightning while driving.

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