Colorado Springs, CO Insane Hail Accumulation Causes Flash Flooding – 6/16/2019

A severe warned thunderstorm rapidly develops over the mountains, moving slowly and dropping heavy rain while accumulating a massive amount of hail on June 16, 2019 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Shot Description

0:00 – Wide shot of storm structure

0:08 – Closeup of structure with lightning striking mountains

0:16 – Wide shot of storm over Garden of the Gods

0:42 – Car stopped on side of road with hail accumulation

0:55 – RV stopped on side of a road covered in hail and flooding

1:03 – Closeup of water rushing down street covered in hail

1:09 – Wide of hail covered/flooding intersection

1:15 – Various close ups of rushing water down street with hail

1:30 – Cars driving through flooded intersection

1:53 – Storm structure time lapses near Garden of the Gods

SID: Trevor Cokley

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