Central, Kansas hit with Hail, Flooding and A Tornado – 5/5/2019

Two part video opening with severe nighttime storm as it impacts the west suburbs of Wichita with copious amounts of hail and lead to many vehicle stalling out as streets became flooded with rain and hail. Video closes with day time footage of rain-wrapped tornado southeast of Great Bend, Kansas near the town of Alden, Kansas.

Shot Description

PART 1 (0:00-3:57) Wichita, Kansas (Sedgwick County) At Hail and Street Flooding at Night

Scene 1: Wide shot of wind-blown rain and hail falling.

Scene 2: Man running through wind-blown rain and hail.

Scene 3: Several cars pulling into gas station as hail and rain pour down.

Scene 4-5: Tight shots of hail bouncing out of grass and off concrete.

Scene 6: Shot of hail flowing down pavement under cars.

Scene 7: Shot of hail flowing through gas station pumps with parked vehicles waiting out storm.

Scene 8: Multiple waves of hail flowing in water down parking lot.

Scene 9-10: Ground-level shots of hail flowing through parking lot.

Scene 11: Hail drift in parking lot.

Scene 12: Oncoming vehicles driving through street flooding covered in hail.

Scene 13-14: Shots of stalled vehicle in street flooding.

Scene 15-16: White car approaching stalled car, then banks out of flood waters and drives through water into parking lot.

Scene 17: White truck slowly driving through flood waters.

Scene 18: Traffic driving through street flooding.

Scene 19: Oncoming traffic in street flooding.

Scene 20: Two cars driving through street flooding.

Scene 21-23: Police on scene of two stalled vehicles after waters had receeded a bit. Both vehicles parked atop the center median.

Scene 24: Hail piled up in parking lot nearly an hour after the storm.

PART 2 (3:58-5:08) Alden, Kansas (Rice County) Daytime Tornado, touching down just after 7pm on Sunday. One of over a dozen reports in Kansas alone.

Shots of rain-wrapped tornado with very stout funnel churning in open country south of Alden, which is southeast of Great Bend, Kansas. Contrast has been enhanced as visibility through rain was very low, but includes shots of stout funnel touching down, along with what could be seen of rope-out with dust whirling on the ground.

SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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