Rice Lake, WI Frosty Morning – 9/29/2018

The first shot of cold air of this fall has brought the growing season to an end across much of Northwestern WI this morning. The official low dropped to 28 degrees. This caused widespread frost and freezing conditions. A freeze warning was in effect this morning. This video package shows the frosty conditions in and around Rice Lake WI.

Shot Description
Clip 1. Bank temp of 27 degrees.
Clip 2. Frost on a plant.
Clip 3. Wide shot of frost at golf course.
Clip 4. Medium shot of frost at the golf course with some fall color.
Clip 5. Close up shot of frost at the golf course.
Clip 6. Frost on a roof.
Clip 7. Frost on trucks.
Clip 8. Fog rising off the lake.
Clip 9. Island with fog rising off the lake.
Clip 10. A beautiful sunrise.
Clip 11. Pan shot of the sunrise.
Clip 12. Another shot of the fog rising off the lake.
SID: Dirk Miller

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